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At Amateur Tied we LOVE bringing you the best amateur bondage videos! You will get to download all the videos, from our extensive archives of REAL AMATEUR BONDAGE. See beautiful housewifes and tight teens spanked, bound and punished by their masters. Theirs hours of bondage on film inside and you will not see it ANYWHERE ELSE! You know what to do...

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Thats right - Amateur Tied is quite simply the best place to feed your lust for bondage. We have thousands of submitted picture galleries for our members to share. Any of your most twisted bondage fetish will be catered for. You can download and keep every single image. Every single one of our images is user submitted with new galleries being added 3 times a week.

September 2020 Updates
Slave Wife Anna

Beautiful slave wife Annie loves to be tied up and fucked. Her husband submitted this set to us! Here she is stripped naked then blindfolded. Then her hands and feet are cable tied skin piercingly tightly to beams as her naked pussy is exposed! Her Husband takes his cock and fucks her mouth as he lies motionless - only feeling the severe pleasure of her entrapment!

Asian Bondage Sex Slave

We all know that Asians are kinky sluts behind closed doors. But here Ting takes it to new levels! She loves being tied up my her master, bound to the wall as his massive cock penetrates her tight little asian pussy! In this scene her nipples are clampes and a ligature placed around her neck. Then she is rope bound to a coffee table as he master lubes up her tight little asshole and fucks her. Unable to scream as the ligature tightens on her with every thrust...

Classic Milf Bondage

This update contains some our personal favorite classic bondage pics! Here we have bored housewife Mary fucking the nextdoor neightbour. But he's not just the nextdoor Neighbour, he's her bondage master. Dressing her in slinky underwear he hogtieds this slutty bitch and then makes her suck on his member. Later he frogties her, making her to lie helpless on the bed as he spunks his load all over her time and time again. If only Mary's husband knew what a bondage slut she really was...

Bondage After The Party

Whats better after a night dancing at the Ambassadors Ball than to tie up and fuck your wife? As soon as they get home Sven pounces on his slut wife Mirka. Ripping off her expensive dress he exposes her silky underwear and stockings. Soon he binds her wrists and legs to a chair before gagging her. Then he begins proceedings by pulling out his cock and spunking over her. The greedy slut loves to feel her Masters warm spunk over her. Now he takes her to the bedroom. Frogtieing her on the bed and fucks her hard. First in her tight pussy, but then in her lubed up ass. She wants to scream but cannot... Its all part of being a bondage slave!

Housewife Punished and Caned

This slutty wife failed to cook her masters meal to his satisfaction. Now its time for her punishment!!! Dressing her as a french maid (to show her what she should be like) He binds her wrists with rope and gags her mouth. Then taking her out to the garage, he introduces her to his new punishment bed. He binds her ankles and then elevates her by rope to the hook on the ceiling. Her bare ass exposed and she is caned. With every beating she realises she MUST do better in the future. Though secretly she realises she loves it...

Punished For Her Sins

Sadie loves to be punished. She's a very bad girl and deserves everything she gets!! Her boyfriend loves to wrap her tight titties in tape, then using his expert skills bind them with rope. He tightens until her tight titties have turned purple. Tieing her hands to a bar behind her back he makes her sit over his knee. There he begins to spank her, as hard as he can. He gags her mouth with an old sock to stop her yelps. Finally pushing her onto the floor - he rips off her pantys and fucks her. Harder and harder, she can't scream even though she wants to. This dirty slut will be punished everyday...

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