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July 2020 Updates

This amateur submissive slave is made to wait upon her masters every desire. Today whilst fulfilling his French Maid fantasy she accidently breaks a china cup. Her master displeased by her actions makes her to grovel at her feet before having her whipped and then bound to the chair to be punished further and think about what she has done....

We've picked some of our favorite bondage sets for this update. You'll see everything. Wifes and girlfriends with stockings over their heads, gags. shibari, submission and domination and anything else you can think of. We love seeing the expressions on their faces as they realise that there is no escape as they submit utterly to their bondage.

Today we have added some more ever popular teenage bondage sluts to our collection at Amateur Tied! These submissive teens love to be tied, chained, gagged and fucked. The pleasure of being constrained heightens their sensations as they are licked and fucked. The tightening pleasure of rope and cold steel gives them feelings they never thought they would have...

Torsten loves to chain his slave and make her to take his cock. She willingly submits to his every desire as he fucks her mouth, he hands and feet chained to the banister as she feels his cock hit the back of her throat. She gags in pleasure as Torsten sprays his load in her mouth and her face, the wonderful salty taste makes her thankful Torsten is her master...

This young wife is ballgagged and tied by her master. He adds pegs to her sweet young titties, she wants to scream as the tightness envelopes her nipples, but the gagg prevents her. Her master takes a giant dildo and pounds her sweet pussy until she comes all over it and spital dribbles down her gag. Her prize for all this bittersweet pain from her master is to suck on her masters cock until he creams his load all over her stockinged head....

Herman loves nothing more than to punish his sexy wife, he loves to strip her naked, dressing her only in silky holdups and tieing her to a crossbar. Now as she is fully at his mercy he takes her, again and again, from behind. Once Herman has finished he uses his expert Rope skills to Hogtie his wife until she can take no more. Herman loves shows for his wife by punishing her... Just the way we like it at Amateur Tied!

June 2020 Updates

This housewife is a complete slave to her master. She waits upon his every whim and desire. He ties her and gags her to use her as his dinner table. He cuffs her and hogties her before ripping her pink panties off and fucking her. Then spanking her until her ass turns bright red and she can't help but cry out. She is totally devoted to her master and will do anything to please him...

These young cumsluts are totally subservient to their masters. They are bound, gagged, tied and made to submit to their masters every desire. They love the feeling of submitting, utterly and completely, to their masters every wish. These sluts deserve all the punishment they get .See all these Amateur Cumsluts inside right now at Amateur Tied...

This housewife is punished severly after failing to do her household chores by the time her master returns from work. Her eyes are covered and hands cuffed. Then her legs are parted as she is bound to a frame, followed soon by her arms. She is now at the mercy of her masters every whim. She does not know whether to cry out in pleasure or in pain. She will not be late with her chores again. At least for today...

Today we have another teen update! These beautiful teens will do anything to please their masters. Watch as they are gagged, tied, bound and spanked all so that they are made to succumb to their masters every wish and desire. These teens feel the amazing pleasure of rope and chains on their young porcelain skin, arousing them in ways they have never felt before...

Michael sent in these amazing pics of his wife indulging in some Bondage play! Michael tells us that she likes nothing better than to be tied up, bound and gagged. All to please her master! In our opinion Michael has the perfect wife, beautiful and happy to join in any bondage games that he comes up with! Michael your a lucky man! Check out all her pics inside....

In this update we have some new teens in bondage for you! Watch as these sexy young sluts are bound gagged and chained for the first time. They feel the wonderful tightening of rope on their fresh skin and feeling of helplessness. These girls want to do everything to please their masters!

May 2020 Updates

"Matt" has sent in pics of his girlfriend to share. Thanks! This bondage slut is shackled and tied before being made to eat like a dog. She is then bound to the bed, having her nipples tied tightly and fucked long and hard.

Out last update with bondage queen Tiana prooved VERY popular so we have added another to keep up with demand! Here Tiana is tightly bound to a chair before being gagged with tape and hooded. With no posibility of escape and eager to please her Master Tiana submits utterly.

Todays update is an ever popular teen bondage update! Once again we proove that the combination of teens and bondage. These teens are spanked, gagged, tied and bound all to please their masters. As their asses redden and their movements are restricted they start to feel pleasure all for themselves.

This update focuses some of our more extreme submitted pics. Pussy clamps. tight rope bondage, extreme dildos, bondage blowjobs. At Amateur Tied we have many maidens who will suffer anything to please their masters!

Beautiful teen Tiana send these in! Watch as she is slowly and carefully tied to the chair. Her every movement and thought constricted, her mouth gagged so she cannot cry out. Her hands tied behind her back as she succumbs to her master...

This update features teens tied, bound, gagged, taped and chained. See their reactions as the ropes tighten around their freshly shaven pussies and how their gags don't allow them to cry out. Giving them a sense of exileration they never had before discovering bondage.

April 2020 Updates

This update features the best of recently submitted pics. From tied up teens to chained housewifes, these bondage sluts are eager to be restrained and toyed with as they indulge in their favorite pleasure - bondage.

In this update we go back to basics, to the very essense of bondage - the humble rope. Watch as these young maidens are tied up and made to succumb to their masters every wish. They try to cry out as the ropes tighten, but is it in pleasure or pain?

Our last teenage bondage update proved VERY popular so we have decided to give you another! Once again these young bondage craving sluts prove that they like nothing more than to be tied, gagged and punished. Step inside to see all of Amateur Tied's bound teens!

In this update we explore slaves and their masters, these submissive women wish to be treated as slaves and want to be tied up gagged and chained. They deserve to be punished and at Amateur Tied they will be!

Here at Amateur Tied, we don't just specialize in housewives! We love teen bondage to, and in this update we explore teens as they take their first steps into bondage. Ropes, gaggs, ties, waxing. These teens prove that there in no such thing as inexperience when it comes to bondage.

This Blonde housewife dresses in latex leather and heels, then is chained to a table before having her pussy penetrated by her master. She screams in pain, or is it delight? As her binds restrain her.

March 2020 Updates

This teen exhibishionist wanted to show off her first cuffed photos. She told us she loved the feeling of restraint and wants to take it further. We've told her to make sure she sends her pics right in when she does!

This young house wife sent in her pics. Dressed in latex corset and red skirt she is bound with rope and gagged with tape. She told us that her husband doesn't know what she gets up to in the day!

This buxom blonde is handcuffed and chained by the neck. Stripped naked she is made to crawl around the room before being dressed in corset and stockings, cuffed, then taken outside to be fucked.

In this update we focus on the gagging of the mouth, with some our all time best gagging pics! Watch as these beauties have their mouths clamped open or shut, and saliva dripping out of their wet mouths...

This beautiful housewife sent this in. She is gagged and then bound to all fout corners of her bed where she lies helpless feeling the tight grip of the ropes and gag waiting to be stripped naked and fucked...

This minx in a schoolgirl outfit submitted pics of herself bound and horse gagged. See her delight as the tightness of the ropes contrasts with the silky pantyhose she is wearing over her long legs.

February 2020 Updates

This German Slave is bound by at the hands and feet before having her pussy pleasured. She is then rope bound and spider gagged and takes a huge load in her mouth, before finally having her ass pummelled with a dildo.

This gorgeous silkily dressed woman has her mouth gagged, hands bound behind her back and feet tied. Before being raised to her tip toes whilst being suspended just from her wrists. Pulling her metal heels from the ground.

This update focuses on some of our favorite submitted pics featuring the binding of the hands and the binding of the feet. These ladies are tied bound and hogtied all for pleasure of feeling the sensual tightness of a rope restraining them.

This mature lady is first bound at the neck and hands by a thick rope before having her wonderful large breasts bound and the rope passing between her wet labia giving her thoughts of sexual submission and excitement as she lays helpless.

This mature lady is bound by her hands and gagged, then having her legs spread apart on a spreader bar, she feels the sensation of cool steel on her pussy as her pantyhose is ripped from her and she is lowered onto the bar.

This brunette beauty sent in her best bondage pics. Bound, hogtied, taped gagged, there is nothing this girl will not do, step inside to see her full sized pics and you'll see that this girl will do anything!